Mission Statement

The mission of the Dallas/Fort Worth 
International Airport Interfaith Chaplaincy
is to be a ministry of presence,
spiritual counseling, and personal support
to the DFW Airport community at large,
providing places of worship and reflection
for people of all faiths and religious traditions.

The DFW Airport Interfaith Chaplaincy serves

as a devoted "Ministry of Presence"

to the airport community by providing

prayer services, caring support, and

ministering to the needs of passengers,

military and airport employees.

The Chaplaincy ministry fills the gap where others

are not comfortable or trained to step in.

They touch lives. They calm fears.

They heal hearts and make a difference.

Furthermore, the Chaplaincy maintains five chapels,

one in each terminal as places of worship and reflection

for people of all faiths, religious and spiritual traditions.

"All are Welcome" is the motto of

the DFW Airport Interfaith Chaplaincy.

We will continue to keep the Chapel doors open

and offer spiritual presence to the passengers,

employees, and military that travel

through DFW International Airport.